Ever wonder what you could easily get if you mixed the Samsung Galaxy and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Note 3? It would look something similar to the phone named the Samsung Galaxy T, which was leaked on Monday by Japanese provider DoCoMo in its new list. It’s unclear at this time what plans Samsung has in your mind for your device and it’s possible the design never leaves Asia.

Great information is the fact that Samsung’s first flexible display smart phone is expected this week to launch…, in accordance with Korean media reporting about the flexible display unveiling. Odds are that Samsung may reveal the rumored special limited-edition Galaxy Note 3 having a display, which will be subsidized by major cell phone carriers for those looking for new and cheaper cell phone plans. Yes, which means Samsung Display has already been mass-producing the 5.7” shows. The brand new so-called versatile display is likely to be extremely lightweight just 5.2 grams, lighter-than LG’s 6” show. It’ll also be extremely slim just 0.12mm.

The Samsung Galaxy T is allegedly visiting market in Satin White, Coral-pink, three colors, and Lapis Blue. The 5-inch Super AMOLED display provides 1080 x 1920 FHD quality. A 13MP back camera is roofed as-is a tv receiver which enables you to change channels from your own phone. The Samsung Galaxy T may have the 5-inch display employed on the Galaxy S4, however it does utilize the rounded corners observed on the Galaxy Note 3. No word yet on what OS will power the device, details to follow soon.


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